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Egg Cutlets

Yields1 ServingPrep Time30 minsCook Time15 minsTotal Time45 mins

 15 eggs – hard boiled
 3 cups tuna (tuna can) – drained
 1 Dorset Naga (Chinese capsicum/ ghost chili/githeyo mirus) – finely chopped
 ⅓ cup curry leaves – finely chopped
 3 cups potatoes – boiled and mashed
 3 tsp pepper powder
 1 tbsp ginger – grated
 3 onions – finely chopped
 ¾ cups lemon juice
 Salt to taste
 4 eggs – beaten
 5 cups breadcrumbs
 Vegetable oil – for frying

Put the onions, pepper, ginger, curry leaves, chilies, lemon juice and salt in a pan and squash together.


Add the potato and tuna and mix into a thick paste-like mixture.


Cut the eggs in half.


For each egg half, use the tuna mixture as the other half to mould egg shapes.


Squeeze well so the tuna half sticks nicely to the egg half.


Dip the molded egg shapes in the beaten eggs and coat them with breadcrumbs. Make sure that they are coated evenly.


Again, be careful to squeeze them tight as they will pop, spraying hot oil when put into the frying pan if there are air pockets between the egg and tuna halves.


Deep fry in vegetable oil and drain.


Tip: Stirring the water in a circular motion while it is boiling will ensure that the yolk remains in the center of the egg.