Barabo (Pumpkin) Mashuni

By azu  

August 19, 2010

Barabo (Pumpkin) Mashuni 5 0 5 0


1 cup smoked tuna – diced/sliced (substitute: 1 can tuna chunks)

1 cup pumpkin (barabo) – boiled, drained and mashed

1 cup coconut – scraped/grated

1 Scotch Bonnet (githeyo mirus) – finely chopped

½ cup onion – finely sliced

½ cup lemon juice

Salt to taste


1Squash the onions, and pepper with the lemon juice and salt.

2Add the tuna and mix well.

3Add the pumpkin and finally the coconut.

4Serve with roshi.


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  1. Shama says:

    I love barabo mashuni.


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